At Yushkova Design fashion business consulting services, we believe that the key to success for any fashion brand is a distinctive impact on the world and a personal connection with customers. Our team of experts collaborates with your team to provide motivation and direction to help your brand achieve these goals.

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We offer customized solutions based on your unique needs, so you can create a product that stands out from the competition and connects with customers on a deeper level. Let us help you take your fashion business to the next level! We are truly passionate about the future of the fashion industry and strive to influence core preservation and stimulate progress while using systematic methods and experimental approaches.

Yushkova Design Inc. takes a very strong stand in partnering with you to find the right solution for your business and help you build a strong house brand that resonates with your customer. We firmly believe in a collaborative approach that involves working hand in hand with your team to help you achieve your vision and create a brand that your customers will love.

We employ Lean Design Model in combination with YAY  Method and guarantee that you successfully overcome  existing challenges and meet your business goals.


I am passionate about transforming a vision into an authentic, quality, and sustainable lifestyle product that customers love and desire with the next generation in mind. As an executive of multi-billion dollar companies and founder of a self-funded fashion brand that was sold with positive ROI after 4 years, I understand the struggles of designing, developing, and selling a fashion design product with a lean start-up budget.


I love to help build businesses that last. I share my knowledge and experience to ensure you avoid common pitfalls in the beginning stages of your fashion business that cost you lots of money. My diversified background includes some of the most notable names in the college and sports licensing retail industries.

My specialties include merchandising, design, product development, operations, Private Label development, and supply chain. With my help, you will be able to save on costs and successfully launch your fashion product. I offer a customized solution based on your unique needs, so you can create a product that stands out from the competition and connects with the customers on a deeper level. Let me help you create a successful fashion product. SET UP A DISCOVERY CALL


Yushkova Design Inc. was originally founded in 2006 and went through many phases of growing an extensive knowledge base and gaining broad experience while working with apparel private label brands with a focus on design, product development, and manufacturing. In 2011 we launched YAY Design creative experimental platform for innovative apparel and consumer product design, allowing for rapid testing and proof of concept directly with the consumer. As a result, we successfully developed the YAY brand and pioneered the functional apparel trend with our convertible clothing collection.

In 2012 the YAY brand expanded to the Asian market and Yushkova Design Inc. opened its international affiliate company Yushkova Design Philippines Inc. We shifted most operations and manufacturing from the US to the Philippines and continued management of an international company meeting the luxury brand needs of high-end boutiques, large department stores and built a strong customer following in Asia.

After four years, in 2015, we sold Yushkova Design Philippines Inc. and the rights to YAY convertible clothing designs at a profit. Since the beginning of 2016, our primary focus has been to help to develop, build and grow other startup businesses or divisions achieving superior and agile results in the fast-paced Brick & Mortar retail and E-Commerce environments. Yushkova Design Inc. takes a very strong stand in partnering with you to find the right solution to help build a strong foundation for your business and develop product assortment that resonates with your customer.

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