Supply Chain

How the largest campus store in North America Developed private label product from concept to selling in stores in under 6 months

The largest campus store operator in North America was facing the challenge of optimizing its supply chain to further drive product margins and secure a steady flow of products in stores. They were looking to build a robust supply chain and scale art license for each of the clothing items. YAY and the team provided actionable solutions.

We fulfilled a critical role in driving revenue by building an efficient and lean supply chain model and led the development from product concept to finished product in under 6 months.

More about the project.

We led with an initial discovery stage where we analyzed their supply chain for the past years, we were able to formulate strategies to achieve supply chain resilience. We prepared a road map of three phases- Define / Measure / Analyze, Improve / Design, Implement and Control, with key deliverables and timelines for each phase.

We analyzed the key styles that were driving the most sales and designed the end-to-end supply chain with a standardized process from art scale production and product development to production and fulfillment. We were able to source products and establish vendor relationships and programs while ensuring not to exhaust inventory levels which accelerated production.

We established the assortment and product setup for the Direct Ship Vendor program to implement e-Commerce operations, enabling the company to sell and deliver products using Print on Demand with zero inventory commitments and 24-hour order turnaround time. We were able to reduce lead time and increase sell-through rate from 65% to 76%. delivering 68% product margins on average.

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